Home Based ABA

homebased 1Home Based ABA Therapy

All Kids First proudly offers home based ABA therapy to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as other developmental delays. Home based therapy can be beneficial in that it provides opportunities for a child to learn in their natural environment. Our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) designs an individualized treatment plan to work seamlessly within your child’s framework, taking into account their unique strengths and challenges. Upon the initial assessment, the BCBA will determine the goals and programs that will benefit your child the most. These goals are developmentally appropriate and target a broad range of skill areas such as communication, social skills, self-care, play, motor development and academic skills. Our ABA Therapy involves continuing assessment and measurement of your child’s progress so that we can ensure that goals are being met.

homebased 2Our dedicated ABA Therapists work side by side with parents and caregivers by giving instruction, knowledge, and support. We know that the key to a child’s success is working together as a team with families and caregivers. Our therapists are eager to help answer questions and provide you with an array of resources.

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) oversees all ABA therapists and will provide in home supervision visits frequently. This allows the BCBA to meet with parents and family members in order to provide updates and support. The BCBA uses the supervision visits to review information on the child’s progress and adjust programs and goals as needed.


Once a child begins therapy, they are given their own binder. This binder holds important information for both the families and the therapists. It includes the child’s initial assessment, the program goals currently being implemented, data collection, graphs and other pertinent information. The therapist will use this binder during each session in order to collect accurate data. Families are always welcome to review the information in the binder and it is generally kept at the family’s home.

homebased 3Along with a binder, each child has their own therapy box filled with toys and reinforcers to aid in the therapy process. The content of the box is customized to the child’s interests and the specific goals of their program. As the child’s interests and preferences change, the therapist changes out the reinforcers so that the child will remain engaged throughout the sessions.

The goal of in home therapy is to provide your family with the tools and resources needed so that your child may fulfill their unique potential.




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