Clinic Based ABA

Clinic Based ABA Therapy:

Our one-on-one clinic based ABA Therapy is available as an alternative or addition to home based therapy. Our inviting classrooms are well equipped with fun learning tools designed to engage your child during their therapy sessions. Each child’s individualized therapy box will be used in the classroom to provide reinforcers and activities that relate to their specific program.clinic_based 1

One major benefit of clinic based therapy is the minimal distractions. The layout of our classrooms is quite simple in that it does not have a large amount of items which may be over stimulating to some children. Since therapists are able to manipulate the environment of the classroom, the child is better able to focus and learn.

Clinic based therapy can also provide an opportunity to have “play dates” with other children participating in one-on-one therapy. A small portion of the session may be spent playing with another child of similar age in order to promote communication and social skills. This can be a fun way for children to interact with the help of a therapist present.

Parents are welcome to drop off their child while they attend clinic based therapy sessions. This can allow time for parents to work, run errands, or attend to other demands.

clinic_based 2Our goal is for your child to take the skills they learn during therapy and apply it to their everyday life. Parents and family members are always invited to observe or ask questions during clinic based therapy. At the end of each session, your child’s therapist will provide you with a brief overview of the session and offer tips and techniques you can use at home or school.